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The NBDE or National Board Dental Examination serves as the national dental exam for students and professionals in the United States. You must take this test in order to get your license, though it may also be used for postgraduate dental school or dentists from outside of the US seeking entry to an advanced dental program in the US. An NBDE prep course may be just the thing to help you focus as you get ready for this comprehensive exam. We can help you connect with a custom-tailored NBDE class led by an expert instructor.

The NBDE is administered in two parts: the NBDE I and NBDE II. The first portion spans 400 multiple-choice problems across four sections: Human Anatomy, Embryology, and Histology; Dental Anatomy and Occlusion; Microbiology and Pathology; and Biochemistry and Physiology. Your NBDE tutors can explore each portion as thoroughly or briefly as you’d like. The second section takes two days to complete and focuses on a variety of clinical dental topics, such as pediatric dentistry, oral diagnosis, and periodontics. Your NBDE prep can review the format and content more thoroughly as you build your testing skills.

Thorough NBDE test preparation can give you the chance to build your knowledge in the broad range of concepts emphasized on this exam. Review the list below for a glimpse of the types of topics you can review in your NBDE test prep courses:

NBDE Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Dental Caries
  • Anxiety and Pain Control
  • Medical Assessment and Emergency Care
  • Diagnosis
  • Oral Pathology
  • Oral Radiology
  • Individual Tooth Pathology
  • Supporting Tissue Pathology
  • Dentofacial Variations
  • Behavior in Orthodontics/Pediatric Dentistry
  • Systemic Pathology

One-on-one NBDE tutoring focuses entirely on your individual needs as a student. We can connect you with a personal instructor who can develop a lesson plan based on your goals and preferences. Your tutor can identify the content areas which you have the most room to develop, allowing for smarter rather than harder NBDE prep. You can direct the focus of each NBDE course to review what you want while your instructor expands on the material. They can implement techniques designed for your learning style and may even incorporate hands-on NBDE test prep activities and learning tools.

NBDE courses aim to be as engaging as possible to encourage you as you learn. Your instructor can regularly assess your efforts to ensure that you spend as much time as you need on each topic. Whether you’re studying systemic pathology or reviewing emergency care basics, your instructor can find ways to help you connect with the material. They may even introduce you to testing techniques that can help you feel confident during the exam.

We’ll make every effort to find someone who can lead your NBDE classes around your schedule. To maximize the convenience factor, we provide a Live Learning Platform that allows you to participate in NBDE preparation online from anywhere you like.

Don’t hesitate to engage in unique NBDE prep with a private instructor! Varsity Tutors can’t wait to help you in your testing goals. Get in touch with our Educational Directors to learn more about the benefits offered by our NBDE test prep services.

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