It’s Official: OneClick is Now Great Place to Work Certified

It’s Official: OneClick is Now Great Place to Work Certified

Ahmedabad, India, March 08, 2023 –(– OneClick IT Consultancy, a firm that is at the forefront of world-class software development, has recently been esteemed with the highly-honored Great Place to Work Certification. The illustrious prize is awarded exclusively on the premise of the personal experiences that current OC Family members have had while working with OneClick. A whopping 86% of OneClick’s staff rated OneClick as “excellent” or “outstanding,” which is appreciably 29% better than the national US average.

An overwhelming majority of OneClick’s staff members responded to Great Place to Work’s poll and over 86% of the workforce enthusiastically affirmed their unqualified confidence in the company’s reputation as an Industry titan.

OneClick places a premium on delivering a truly outstanding employee experience. The company has put resources into creating a work environment that is conducive to the well-being of all of its OC Family members, with the goal of providing them with a vast assortment of benefits and perks that consistently acknowledges their contributions and encourages them to perform even better.

The certification is concrete proof that OneClick’s leadership is fueled by a forward-thinking and growth-oriented mindset. Furthermore, OneClick has never been one to resist innovation and has undoubtedly embraced modern growth strategies, which not only contributed to it being a preferred top choice among employees, but equally served in establishing the firm as a clear frontrunner in the fiercely competitive industry of software development.

With a GreatPlaceToWork Certification, OneClick’s workforce is infused with a fresh sense of faith & optimism, and energized to embark on this new era of technological advancement.

Romit Arora, Founder, OneClick IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., shared, “OneClick’s family is comprised of youthful, ambitious, and flexible members who are not afraid to take on any market challenge. This gives them a competitive edge and allows them to develop software solutions that are highly sought after. 86% of OC Family members have backed OneClick’s mission and shared their drive for success. OneClick, founded on the tenets of excellence first, offers top achievers a stimulating environment that motivates them to do more while doing it well. Together, we’ll keep empowering the company to set and achieve new milestones and go to greater heights.”

Lubhna Arora, HR Head, OneClick IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., shared, “The unwavering dedication to progress that characterizes OneClick is a direct result of the company’s cultural principles of creativity, intensity, risk-taking, self-management, and excellence. OneClick provides opportunities for those who desire to succeed and envision a bright future in their profession. The environment here encourages the development of new skills, provides instruction on the acceptance and delivery of new challenges, and demonstrates how to actively contribute to any purpose of progress. Very simply, we invest in the quality talent pool which ultimately benefits the organization, as a whole.”

About OneClick IT Consultancy

OneClick is a Custom Software Development firm with over a decade of experience, specializing primarily in the travel tech domain. They are second to none in when it comes to the development of bespoke and highly customizable travel tech solutions, such as travel booking engines and B2B, B2C, and White Label Travel Portals. OneClick deploys best practices and development standards to deliver high-performance software solutions focused on the user experience.

They are equally competent in the development of Native applications, Mobile Applications, Cross-platform applications, Websites, Sensor-based Applications, CMS, eCommerce development, and enterprise applications. They also provide consultancy services and digital marketing to capitalize on the right audience at the right time. Customers and partners place a bet on OneClick for its versatility, support for open standards, and a high degree of interoperability.

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