Ace IT certification exams with this $20 e-book bundle

Ace IT certification exams with this $20 e-book bundle

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With the economy experiencing a continuous downturn and job stability in the minds of professionals everywhere, it’s not surprising why many are hesitant to explore new opportunities. Sticking with the job you have certainly seems much safer than attempting to thrive elsewhere.

But if you’re in tech or at least thinking about breaking into the industry, there’s little to worry about, at least according to the Bureau of Labor. While it’s not completely recession-proof, the sector is resistant enough not to be severely impacted if the economy takes a nosedive. Employment in computer and information technology is predicted to grow at a steady rate of 15 percent through 2031, producing over half a million jobs in the next decade. Now for you to pave a successful career in IT, all that’s left is to sharpen your skills and spruce up your resume to increase your employability. That’s something the 2022 CompTIA and  AWS Practice Exam E-Book Bundle can help you with. From now until October 31, we’re having an Overstock Sale, which means you can get it on sale at an even more discounted price point.

This jampacked e-book bundle comes with 14 e-books that touch on the basics to advanced aspects of networking, hardware, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, helping train you into an all-around IT professional. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or want to climb further in the career ladder, this bundle contains a ton of expert-led instruction to help you achieve your goals. It offers a wealth of skills training in CompTIA, AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google, which would prove to be useful when you take the certification exams for tests like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft Azure AZ-900, and Google Cloud Associate. Aside from lectures, you can also find practice exam questions for further review.

All 2000+ pages were put together by ExamsDigest, a top-rated platform known for providing high-quality quiz-based online training for the world’s most in-demand IT certifications, such as Amazon, Cisco, CompTIA, and Google. With the content provided in this bundle, you’ll get the training you need to hit your career goals.

Formerly retailing for $139, you can get the 2022 CompTIA and AWS Practice Exam E-Book Bundle on sale for only $19.99. We’re making way for new stuff, so grab this highly discounted inventory overstock ASAP!

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