Positive Luxury Recertified IWC Schaffhausen with the Butterfly Mark

Positive Luxury Recertified IWC Schaffhausen with the Butterfly Mark

London, United Kingdom, December 25, 2022 –(PR.com)– The Butterfly Mark Certification is awarded to luxury companies following a rigorous ESG+ assessment in which a company must score 50% or more in each pillar – environment, social and governance. IWC is one of nearly 200 companies to date that have achieved this designation.

IWC excelled in over two-thirds of the categories and were particularly strong in their sustainability reporting and people management approach. They also received very good marks for their operations, waste management, circularity, ethics and fair operating practices and their overall sustainability purpose, among others. Categories to improve include the biodiversity.

In addition to the assessment, Positive Luxury grants each certified brand a set of Positive Actions, highlighting the areas they are excelling, and can transparently communicate their performance to stakeholders. Having an independent evidence-based certification allows IWC to make more credible, substantiated claims about their progress and success as they continue their sustainability journey.

Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury said, “IWC was first certified with the Butterfly Mark in 2014 and have successfully re-certified, every two-years since. Undoubtedly, IWC are sustainability pioneers driving positive change from responsible sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and their people and communities at large. IWC strive for excellence across the business, their latest sustainability report is testament to that. We are honoured to continue working with the IWC team, enabling them to adapt the watch industry to a sustainable future.”

Commenting on the re-certification, Franziska Gsell, IWC’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chair of the Sustainability Committee said, “With our sustainability journey it is important to receive external verification and independent certification of our continuing efforts to operate with the highest sustainability standards across our value chain. Maintaining our achievement of the Butterfly Mark since 2014 demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and that involves aligning our business practices and decisions to the latest international standards, global legislation and best practices.”

Read more about IWC: https://www.positiveluxury.com/our-members/iwc-schaffhausen/

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