CertNexus Updates AI Certification Program, Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner®

CertNexus Updates AI Certification Program, Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner®

CertNexus’ updates its Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) certification to meet needs of the global workforce in developing AI/Machine Learning skills.

CertNexus, the leading provider of vendor-neutral, emerging tech certifications and micro-credentials, has updated its Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) certification and training curriculum. CAIP is the leading high-stakes, vendor-neutral certification for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professionals who want to develop and validate their skills to select, train, and operationalize ML algorithms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become essential parts of the toolset for many organizations. When used effectively, these tools provide actionable insights that drive critical decisions and enable organizations to create exciting, new, and innovative products and services. And while 54% report that AI and ML are top investment priorities over the next one to two years for organizations, 63% report not having enough employees with AI and ML skills (SAS).

The CAIP-210 exam has been updated to account for various changes in the industry, as well as to better align with the evolving job roles that ML practitioners are likely to fill. It will upskill teams by developing the knowledge and skills of AI concepts, technologies, and tools that will enable candidates to become a capable AI/ML practitioner in a wide variety of AI-related job functions.

“AI is crashing into all facets of our lives at an alarming pace. 93% of technicians feel unprepared to tackle the challenges of AI and yet the scramble to implement it is very real,” said Jeff Felice, President. “Wherever there is an emerging technology growing interest at this pace, there is ample potential for upskilling and validating workforce skills – that’s exactly what we do. We aim to make professionals competitive in AI/ML and offer certifications that ensure individuals are job ready.”

CAIP is offered globally through CertNexus’ Authorized Training Partners, counting two hundred in over fifty countries, and as an online self-paced offering through Coursera. Upon the successful completion of the exam, an individual will earn a CertNexus CAIP certification validating their knowledge to design, develop, and operationalize AI/ML solutions.

About CertNexus

CertNexus is a vendor-neutral certification body, providing emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for Business, Data, Development, IT, and Security professionals. CertNexus’ mission is to assist in closing the emerging tech global skills gap while providing individuals with a path towards establishing rewarding careers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Data Ethics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cybersecurity. For more information, connect with CertNexus at https://certnexus.com or contact us @ info@certnexus.com.

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